Jun 1, 2009

When it rains in the desert

It's so pretty and green - we are getting lots of rain.
Here's the front door - I like old things.
Front bed - the peony is blooming for the first time, the lupines are going crazy.
The big garden - potatoes, corn, onions, squash, cantalope, watermelon and cabbage.Posted by Picasa


RanchGirl said...

Everything looks so pretty!

LeAnna said...

Beautiful! How did you start your peony? Seed or plant? I want to put in a few, they are so pretty!!

Countrygirl said...

Thank you both. LeAnna, I dug this from my gramma's flower bed. It took 7 years for it to bloom. I also have some seeds I am going to try.

Ranch wife said...

It all looks so pretty! I have things blooming in old pots too. I think old things have character. My yard is green...just because the water runs on it all the time....Sure wish it would rain here..but am thankful for yall getting some.


Broken Y said...

It's looking good. Nothing like rain!

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