Jun 2, 2009

Rain in the desert....Part II

We're trying raised beds. DS and I made trellises for the beans and peas. Those dang deer have already eaten some of the peas - before they were barely up. I was chasing those rascals out of the peas the other morning at 4 a.m. So now I am hanging DS's dirty socks on the pea trellis. That boy's socks can curl the hair on a bald head at 30 feet. Seems to be working.........
This one has tomatoes and flowers. I planted flower seeds around the edges, and today I found several seedlings are up. Yea! I have thinned the cucumbers and radishes, we have ground squirrels real bad and they have been munching on some things. Time to get busy on them. One has tomatoes and the other side is herbs and flowers.
We made 4 beds - 8" x 12' x 4'. Around the firepit we put down stone and used rock crete (?) but the weeds are still coming thru. Some people said to just use sand - but the sand around here brings in scorpions - so weeds are not so bad. Ha!
(West side flower bed.) The iris' are fixin' to bloom. We are to get rain all week. I'm looking for rain barrels - any suggestions? It's pretty quiet here, DS left for the ranch yesterday morning, and DH has a horrible schedule this week. So the dogs, horses and I have been spending lots of time together. I love getting up before the sun comes up, listening to the birds. Ha! Ya'll have a good day and until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!
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Ranch wife said...

Looking so pretty. I have been out all morning and just came in to fix a bite to eat.

We used the rock crete as well and the grass grew up through it. it looks fine so I am not going to do anything about it. I just buzz it with the weedeater.

A few years ago Walmart had a shipment of whiskey barrels...and they had whole ones! I wanted one so bad...but they were like 40 dollars! I wonder if you could come up with plastic barrels somewhere? Buck finds them here and there that have held detergent used in the oil field. I would not use those for water though. Hum...I bet if you did a search you could find something.

When we lived at Guthrie we had a tin cistern that guttered off the tin roof of the garage. That was our drinking water...nothing like it in the world. I miss it and if we ever go to Texas and retire I will have another one..the well water at our place is awful.

Have a great day!

Broken Y said...

The gardens are looking good. The sock comment is hilarious! I've heard if you spread human hair around it will keep the deer away. Don't know if it works or not.

LeAnna said...

I love the tidiness of the raised beds, they look so neat and clean. And much easier to weed, I imagine! ;) That is too funny about your DS's socks, haha! Cracked me up. ;)

RanchGirl said...

Lol! I'm laughing about the socks too!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That is hilarious! Dirty socks...I must try that...my boys have stinky feet too!! haha

Your flowers/garden are looking good! Your home is so beautiful.

Have a peaceful time without your guys...they'll be back around soon, dirtying up clothes, dishes and the house! ha ha

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