Jul 30, 2009

Catchin' up

Monday night my folks, my sister and I went to the service. (It was held in the church that our church was planted from - beautiful church.) It was very..........surreal. Tim was very well respected and admired in his bank position - he helped a lot of people. He was always quiet and didn't want the limelight, from the things his co-workers said - he stayed that way. Megan, his fiance, has a very long, hard recovery ahead. Please keep her on your prayer lists - her two kids and his two - are having a rough time. Especially the 17 year old boy - Trevor.

Seeing so many of my old rodeo buddies, that part was great - seeing them there - not so great. And getting to see the parents of all the rodeo buds was pretty cool too. I even saw an old flame - as my sister put it. That was very odd to say the least - his wife glared at me (I've never met her and he didn't introduce me), but he seemed real happy to see me. It was good and sad - some of them still live like they did 25+ years ago.

I spent the night with my parents - it was good. Dad is building us a saddle and it's beautiful!!! He's over half way done. I love it. DS will really love it as it's built for his long, long legs. He called last night, telling about the colts he's riding and how well they are coming along. He's done swathing, and they are almost done baling - so he turned his notice in and will be home on the 7th. Yeah! He is being recruited by WYOTech in Laramie, WY - so we may take a few days and go check it out. On the way there we are thinking of going to Lava Hot Springs and just relaxing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and week. May the Lord always be first in your life.

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LeAnna said...

Had to laugh at the old flame part. ;) Tooo funny! Show us a picture of that pretty saddle when it's finished.

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