Jul 23, 2009


Yesterday I spoke with Tim's mom. She said the lady driving - who is now in stable condition but will need months of rehab and PT- was his fiance. She has two small children, he has two older Ashley, 15, & Trevor, 17. Trevor spent the summer in Wyoming and was so looking forward to coming home to see his day - which he didn't get to do. Please keep them lifted up. His mom said they are still numb, but having to finalize arrangements made it all hit home. They are believers and are standing on His promises. She said they felt the prayers and that Jesus was getting them thru. Thanks prayer warriors, I can only tell you that since we lost Joshua - it is prayers and God that gets us thru each and every day.


Ranch wife said...

Bless their hearts. Am so glad to here that they have Jesus in their lives. How does anyone go through such a thing and not have Him?


LeAnna said...

We'll continue to hold them up in prayer.

Broken Y said...

So sad. I lost my daddy young and without Jesus. How do you do it?You flounder, like a fish out of water. Flipping from one thing to the other, gasping for breath, praying for relief. Then, one day it comes, and you feel that sweet breath of God caress your face lightly and you begin to hope and wonder. It's at that point that any seed that might have been planted previously, begins to take root and sprout. Then, the journey begins.

Praying for that Sweet Peace to wash over this family!


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