Jul 20, 2009

Another friend

Hi! I am asking the prayer warriors to pray for a friend of mine's family. His name was Tim, he was killed Saturday in a car wreck. I keep in touch with his parents. His older sister, brother, and I were good friends and rodeo'd thru high school and college together. Please pray for that special peace that only God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can bring! Thanks.


LeAnna said...

Will be in prayer for the family. Life is so short. Things like this remind me everyday to get off the pity/stress/frustration/et cetera wagon and embrace those you love because tomorrow isn't promised. Just today.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Tim's family is being prayed for even as I type. We've had a tragic accident loss in our own church family in the past couple of weeks, so I can empathize with what they must be going through right now.

Ranch wife said...

Praying for the family. How sad. Such a reminder that we are but a vapor.


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