Jul 17, 2009

Friday's fun

Muleshoe, TX with Pete the Mule. This was our last day and we all look a little 'tired'>
Lake Brownwood, TX - DH and his girlfriend playing in the 103 heat with 99% humidity. The cabins we stayed in were perfect - clean, air conditioned, and full of loved ones. The lake was pretty clean compared to years before.
Portales, NM with some of our very best friends. We ate some good Mexican food, and then visited for a few hours. (Never long enough.......) Mr. Ranchwife and DH. We took pictures of us too, mine turned out awful.
Trying to pose like they did in the 'old days'.

Going home to "the Promised Land" was wonderful! We love Texas, we love our family and friends there. Our trip was fast and furious - (just like when we were rodeoing - hit one town, head for the next!) Heaven must be alot like reunions - always happy to see everyone, blessed to worship together, great times filled with fun and laughter. What an incredible family I have been given - not only my blood, in-laws, but also the friends He has brought to my life. Thank you Lord!
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LeAnna said...

That looked like a blast!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a great time!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That sounds like a fun trip! Great pics too...so happy that you guys had so much fun...it's always good to get with good friends and visit!!!

Ranch wife said...

It was a good few hours! I have pictures of us...I will try and remember to email them......Remember, remember, remember......

Love ya


Broken Y said...

A few hours is never long enough! So glad you had safe travel and wonderful time!

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