Sep 28, 2009

Great weekend planned......................

We are having beautiful weather here. It's dry, but not like normal. DH and I planned to finish the fence, finish staining the house, make green tomato salsa, go to a wedding, church and then hopefully somewhere in there - go camping and cut wood. Well..........I kinda ruined our plans. I came down with a UTI - (urinary track infection) that stopped all my plans and planted me in the bed. Poor DH - he did laundry, picked the garden and stained the house. It was even the Balloon Festival here and we didn't get out to see any of them - perfect year for it - no wind or bad weather. UGH! Can't work today, maybe tomorrow if my tests are clearer. So.................

The mountains have started changing colors and we had two nights last week that it froze - it got some of my plants but not the fruit. The days are calm, with little wind - very unlike our normal. We are loving this great weather. Time to get all the fall decorations out - check out LeAnna's - for a free autumn give away! (I don't know why it won't make it a link - sorry)

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya!



Paula said...

Yuck! So sorry that you are stuck in bed with such nice weather! That DH is a special kinda fella! Get yourself well and then get your fanny outside!!

Blessings, Friend!

Ranch wife said...

I hope you are better. What a bummer to have things planned and then be stuck in bed.
Love ya

Pat - Arkansas said...

What a way to spend birthdays! Perhaps when you're better, you can both celebrate.

I wish I could have seen your balloon festival. I'm still waiting for my balloon ride; the weather has NOT been cooperating. Oh, well! Better safe than sorry.

Get well soon!

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