Oct 5, 2009

Snow, mustangs, and the wood pile........and awards!

Well, well, well........let's see. My sweet DH and I both celebrated birthdays last week. Getting closer to 50 all the time - he's closer than I. It was a cold week, two snows - my gardens are gone. We were below 20 Wednesday night. Oh well.........mostly the tomatoes, beans, squash, and carrots left anyway. I hate to see the season end though. God blessed us with a good garden this year. We had snow Wednesday and again Saturday, Sunday, today - possibly tomorrow.

DH, DS, and I went way out past the Ruby Marshes and cut firewood. We had two long flatbed goosenecks that we filled up. We got 3+ cords. It was a beautiful day. Cool but not too cold, not too hot! There were bluebirds everywhere - and tracks from mustangs. We didnt' see any until we were leaving - we saw a small band of 7. One stud, 5 mares, and a colt. Beautiful chestnuts and dark bays. The stud and lead mare didn't let us get too close. As soon as they noticed we were watching them - heads went up and they hightailed it for the hills.

We heard from one of Joshua's friends. They were best buddies until James moved their Jr year. James joined the service, made dog tags for Josh and took "Josh" with him everywhere. He told me Josh was the best friend he ever had - that he went to Afganistan, all over the US, many countries on secret missions. It made me cry but it was so nice to hear from him!

And then today what did I find but an award from Ranchgirl. Thanks for that, Jen. So, I am supposed to bestow on you 10 honest things about myself. Hmmmmmm........

1) I'm a sinner saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. He has been my Savior since I was 21. I yearn for the day when I get to see Him face to face!

2) I don't like cities or crowds - but can deal with both. I'd rather be in a country area.

3) I've never dyed my hair. One day maybe, as white ones are showing up underneath.

4) Weight is something I constantly fight - I'm very strong and healthy, but like my mare - I'm an "easy keeper".

5) If wishes were true we'd be back on the ranch - or at least in a starter yard - but DH's body has seen too many hard times from rodeoing and riding colts. Not sure he could take it anymore.

6) If you ask, I will tell it like it is. I don't see any point in 'beating around the bush."

7) Since Joshua's death, I have very little tolerance for nonsense stuff - gossip, rumors, etc. Life is too short!

8) I am a loyal friend, I cry when you cry, I laugh when you laugh - I love my friends and family. I love my animals like they were family.

9) I am an intercessor - the Lord puts people on my mind - I know to pray for them.

10) I'm an organizer - I like things to have a system. My wood piles are small, medium, and large - my other housemates (mentioning no names) just pile all in one area. Arggg......

Ranchgirl I can't upload the "award" - sorry. Have a blessed day. Tell your family you love them and hug them all.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!



Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh my Gosh...SNOW? Wow...
Sending Birthday wishes from KS!

How nice to hear from Josh's friend...

Take care and stay warm!!

Countrygirl said...

Hey Les - how's the hubby? Thanks for always giving me encouragement on here!

Paula said...

Brrr. I thought KS was cold getting to 49! hehe - Isn't deep friendship amazing!

Take a camera next time - I want to see pictures of those mustangs! I know, I know, it was a work outing!!

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