Oct 7, 2009


Kevin, who's a terrific young man,(some of ya'll have been praying for him) had cancer - his 3rd time around. Well.............today, praise you Lord of Lords, he was told not to come back for chemo - his 4th scan was clear!!! He was to go until April! But our Healer doesn't go by graphs or charts! His ways are mysterious! Praise you sweet Jesus for this wonderful, wonderful news!


Ranch wife said...

That is so wonderful! An glad to hear the news.

Happy belated birthday to both you and D. God bless you both and I pray for many more happy years ahead for both of you.

Love ya

Countrygirl said...

Thanks, M. Kevin is so excited and humbled! As we all are. Thank you also for the birthday prayers - you know we love ya'll very much!!!

Countrygirl said...
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That is SOOOOOO AWESOME! Praise the Lord!

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