Oct 10, 2009


Here he is in all his majesty. He sure didn't let us get too close.

The two flaxen mane mares were very pretty, the lead mare was a sorrel who took off. Another younger sorrel stayed right in the middle as did a little bay.

We saw another band of 11 but couldn't get close enough for pictures. God's creation is beautiful.

Now, to bed - I'm sore.

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Those mustangs are beautiful! Love those flaxen mane mares...oh so pretty.

Jennifer said...

Oh wow, they are pretty!

LeAnna said...

What a neat thing to be able to experience first hand!

Paula said...

Thank you, thank you! What a treat! To have them so close must be wonderful!

Countrygirl said...

Les, Jen and LeAnna - they are cool to see. Paula - I took them just for you! We even took 2 cameras! Ha! Yeah, they are amazing - but it's been a good year. Some years they don't look so great, they also get inbred. Then it's hard to see them. DS had to put up with them breaking thru all his fences at the ranch - all the time! He even had one breathing in his back pockets - his fencing buddy was sitting in the pickup watching. The studs can be really mean, and sometimes the lead mares too, but mostly they're just protective. My sister had to fire her pistol in the air 3 times to get a stud away from her - he thought she was after his ladies! Next time, I hope we get to see more - and get lots more pictures.

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