Oct 19, 2009

Weekend to Remember

We went to Park City, UT for a marriage conference. It was wonderful! If ya'll get a chance to go to one of the "Weekend to Remember" - go! We didn't know what to expect but came away having had a perfect time.

One of their recommendations was a "date night"! We really didn't plan to splurge - but we did! We went to a fancy restaurant in the old part of town, where you ordered each item separately - like the steak came with only the steak! If you wanted a baked potato - it was $14, steamed asparagus - $14, a glass of wine started at $33 - and went up (just a glass mind you). It's rated as one of the top 10 restaurants in the US (not sure who's rating them or what list they're on). It lived up to it's reputation! A guy was playing piano and singing - the ski lifts were lit up with white lights - everywhere. Very romantic.

The speakers were so good - they kept you laughing, then crying - constantly learning. We were refreshed and drained!

At the very end of it - they had us repeat wedding vows. I couldn't even get the words out. The words meant so much more than they did on our wedding day, it was very emotional. Not only me, I look around and see lots of tears. God blessed us so deeply.

(DH is growing a beard for elk hunting - not sure he'll be able to keep it, it's driving him nuts. We were very tired, ready to get home to DS and the animals.)
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LeAnna said...

What great memories and what a great time! It's so good to get these kind of chances. Cute pic of you two!

Paula said...

Love the picture! My DH just commented that his "mustachio" is driving him nuts! So glad you had a good time. We need more date nights around here too!

Ranch wife said...

Ahhhh I am so glad that yall got to go and had such a wonderful time! You both deserved it.

Ha tell D. that B. has grown his winter hair as well. And also tell D. that his beard is grayer then my hair...hee hee ho ho. He looks very grandfatherly.

Love the picture of you both.

Date nights are important, we try once every two weeks or so....but we don't eat so high on the hog that's for sure...but how nice for a change.

Love you both

Countrygirl said...

Thanks LeAnna - it was a great time.

Paula - date nights are something we never did when the kids were little - I'd bawl when we'd leave them - so we'd pack up the whole kaboodle and head out! Ha!

M - ya'll need to go to one of these. It's so worth it! I will tell D that - he'll laugh. And as for the grandfatherly look - little babies just love him. We need grandkiddoes! Ha!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Sounds like a really fun time, I think my wallet would be in pain if I ever went to that restaurant.

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