Oct 28, 2009

It's snowing again............

Yep we were in the 60's on Monday and didn't get out of the 30's on Tuesday. We woke to a good 2 inches of snow. It snowed off and on all day but didn't amount to anything.

So many things I didn't get done yet - clean out the blackberries and raspberries, till the garden GOOD one last time. Get all the leaves out of the raised beds. Finish staining the decks, and the rest of the house. Oh well, if it turns off warm - it just has to be 50 to stain them. We are supposed to be cold all week.

DS is excited because it should bring the elk down so he can find 'his' bull. We have Friday off for Nevada Day and he is planning to stay out there. He may freeze his hiney off!!

DH and I are headed to a Todd Agnew, Builling 429, and Kimber Rising concert on Saturday with the youth group. So far we have 28 going! Should be a great blessing! Three hour road trip each way!

My camera isn't working - can't download pictures all the time. I have started looking at Canon Rebel and others. I read LeAnna's blog about what she got recently - any other hints, suggestions, or warnings? Please give me your opinion!

Have a blessed day - you are a creation of the Lord God Almighty!

Until we meet again, may the Good Lord take a likin' to ya'!


LeAnna said...

Snow!?!? Wow! I bet that concert will be a great one, too. As for camears, you can't go wrong with a Canon Rebel. When it comes to DSLRS Nikons and Canons are both great products. Happy camera hunting! :)

Jennifer said...

I have a Nikon P80, it's a nicer point & shoot. I really enjoy it! It has an awesome zoom, and I think it takes really good pictures.

Paula said...

Brrrrr. I am not looking forward to snow here. Let me know what you get. I need a new one too!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

I can't believe ya'll have SnOw!

The western part of our state is getting hit too, part of that Denver snow.

Good luck camera shopping...It about wore me out! There are so many options and I wasn't sure what I really Needed. I ended up with the same camera as Jennifer...a Nikon P80. I love it, it's a point and shoot, but has manual settings to utilize...which I don't have all figured out yet...great zoom, pretty user friendly. I really don't have all the settings figured out yet, but I haven't really just SAT down and read the book either!!!
Good Luck, have a warm weekend!

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