Nov 1, 2009

Promise Remains Tour

Saturday night we went to Twin Falls, ID with a large group from church to the Promise Remains Tour. It was excellent! Kimber Rising, a new band from Tennessee - 3 girl singers and two guys on instruments were very good. Building 429 - awesome! Hearing in person their new song, "Always" - gave me goose bumps. Todd Agnew, who seems like he carries a heavy burden to let everyone know about Jesus, had more joy than I've ever seen him have. Touching, touching message! What a great night, we really enjoyed ourselves and many people gave their lives to Christ!!! Woot woot!!!

DS went scouting for his elk. They had some adventures!!! (to say the least). He got to meet up with an old friend, meet some new folks and tour a beautiful ranch. His truck slid off the road while going down the mountain. The jack broke, it ruined a tire, but God's hand was on them. DS has a winch on his front bumper - they hooked it up to a "little, scrub tree that didn't look like it could hold us" and pulled themselves up and out. Whew! Thank you Lord.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend. Welcome November!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'.



LeAnna said...

I bet that concert was just excellent! So glad the Lord was watching over your son, it never ceases to amaze me at how visible the hand of the Lord is at times.

Paula said...

So glad DS was not harmed in his mishap! I bet that concert was amazing! My favorite is country christian music but that is hard to find so I just keep it on the contemporary stuff and keep my mind focused! So glad you had a great time!

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