Nov 10, 2009

Prayers warriors wanted!!

Hey ya'll. My sweet mom has had a stroke today. She is in the hospital, had an MRI today showing that her main artery is clogged. Tomorrow they do an echocardiogram, and hopefully schedule her surgery for the 'roto rooter' soon.

While at that marriage conference we were asked to sum up in one word our mothers. All around people were shouting out " demanding, gone, controling, alcoholic, drug addict, angry" etc. etc. And the only word that came to my mind was "loving" so I shouted it out. In everything she ever did - she did it for love! Everything! We may not have agreed on all of it - but it was all done in love.

So......please lift up Annie Lou in prayer, and my dad, Jim. We are headed there early in the morning to be with Dad, so please pray for us as well. Thanks ya'll so very much!!



Ranch wife said...

We will be praying...I have been gone all day and just now got online. Please let me know how it is all going.

Love and prayers

Paula said...

Ah, God - Annie Lou - obviously a very special woman! Please bring healing to her body and peace to her family. Please provide safe travel and strength for the day. Only You, Father, can do all that we ask and more according to your perfect will! Amen.


LeAnna said...

Bless her heart! We'll be praying.

Jennifer said...

So sorry! :( We'll be praying too!

Anonymous said...

We sure will be prayin' for your mom and dad as well as you and hubby.

Countrygirl said...

Thank you all for the prayers! I really appreciate your time!

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