Nov 11, 2009

He hears.........and answers prayers!

Thanks ya'll so much for the prayers! Mom got to go home today, she did have a stroke and they can't seem to get her blood pressure under control - she's on aspirin plus blood thinner in hopes of getting it down. But she's home and feeling better.

Her doctor wants her body and brain to 'get back to normal' before he does the surgery - so he's thinking about 2 weeks. She was doing very well - as was Dad. Both are tired and really watching her blood pressure.

She has a great doctor and nurse practioner who saw immediately that she'd had a stroke - God bless them both, they put her right into the ER. Her doctors are in Sun Valley, ID so they are top notch. Her face is drooping on one side a little and her right side is very weak but working.

We made it safely there and home.

Some people don't like to ask for prayer - I used to be that way - but the sweet Savior showed me that I need to pray for others and not be ashamed to ask for pray for others as well as myself. Thank you Lord for these wonderful prayer warriors!!!

In His name,


LeAnna said...

I'm glad they got right on it when they saw she'd had a stroke! They say that's one of the best things they can do is catch it shortly after. My husbands Dad suffered a severe stroke several years ago. Praying her recovery is quick and that treatment goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Time is of the essence with storkes..good to hear things are on the right side today :) Let her and your dad know we are praying for them and you and yours too!
I believe that you need a humble spirit in order to pray...that would include asking for it as well. I think we gals find that hard to do since we pretty much handle everything, right? Really, its all in the Lord's hands and that's the best place to leave it :)

Paula said...

Thank you, Jesus! I am so happy that you made it safely and that the prognosis is promising! It is an honor and priviledge to lift you and your family up in prayer!


Ranch wife said...

Oh I am so glad she is doing better and that the stroke was light. Have been praying off and on all day. Will keep praying for the surgery and for all of you. Lord give Your peace and comfort, guide the doctors and if it be Your will I pray for complete healing for Annie Lou.

Love you all

Countrygirl said...

Thank you all again! God is so good! Mom's echo went well - her heart is fine. She sees the surgeon Tuesday, hoping she'll be in and out before Thanksgiving - but if not, Sun Valley has some good restaurants and we'll spend it with her somehow!!!

Jesus has brought each of you into my life and ya'll are such a blessing! If we don't meet here, we will have a great meeting in Heaven!

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