Nov 22, 2009

7 Years

Yep, it's that day again. Not the date, that will be Tuesday - but the day. It's been 7 years - seems like yesterday and seems like an eternity!

Seven years ago, on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, my sweet Joshy left this Earth bound for Heaven! A car wreck took his life, and took a big chunk of my heart! Seven years of grieving, tears, emptiness, laughter and joy in memories!

We had to learn how to live again, how to go on. My sweet, sweet DH made me go to Walmart in the weeks that followed - I almost couldn't do it! God gave us the grace that surpasses all understanding, He gave us a peace that only could come from Him and the Holy Spirit, He gave us the wonderful hope and promise of being together again.

Today in church, during praise and worship, I was holding a 6 month old baby boy. His parents are disfunctional and struggling, not always making the best choices for him. So we were singing - he and I - with eyes closed - when I saw Joshy, smiling thru the clouds, and he said, "l love you, Momma!"

Don't take anything for granted, don't let the sun set on an argument, don't sweat the small stuff, tell people that you love them. We are not promised the next breathe, or minute, or hour, or year - only the moment we are in right now!

Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you all!

In His name,
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LeAnna said...

{hugs} I'm so thankful you share your heart with us. The Lord has really been laying on my heart just what you said about not taking anything for granted. Life isn't guaranteed-so we need to love big, and love always, and learn to get over the selfishness we invariably tend to gravitate towards, and get over it fast. Thank you for the reminder. Lots of prayers with you and yours this upcoming week.

Countrygirl said...

Thanks sweet LeAnna! God is bigger than my pain and His wonderful Son gets us thru "the valley of the shadow of death"! One day we'll meet in person - until then I am sending cyber hugs to you and your family! Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Ranch wife said...

God is good....He is with us in our happy times as well as our sad. And I am so so grateful that He made a way for us all to spend eternity with Him and with those we have loved and lost on this earth. Thank you for sharing this I know it was hard and a hard day and week for all of you. Love you all and will be praying for comfort and peace in the days to come.


Paula said...

I should have known this day was coming, we've been blogging together for how long? Once again, I am tearful for you, but thankful that the Lord has seen you through.



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