Sep 14, 2009

Our baby is 18!

Kaleb (holding his spotting scope to help him get his elk in November) on his 18th birthday.

We had planned on only having 2 children - I had really hard pregnancies -which in turn made it hard on DH! We were working for a small grow yard and things were going wonderfully. We were working all the time - but the kids could ride with us when they wanted. They were in sports, 4-H, and we had a great little church. I got pneumonia and could not get over it. Finally my DH said to go back to the dr and get a pregnancy check. I laughed at him - no way!
Sitting in the dr's office about a week later - I was crying - the test had come back positive. Oh it wasn't that I didn't want the baby - I did, but the last pregnancy was so awful. I was so sick - for almost 10 months. I just didn't know if we could do that. DH had to do pretty much everything - cook - the smells made me sick; wash dishes - food made me sick; laundry, vacuum, gardening etc. etc. But the nurse sat with me and told me it would be alright, that God was blessing us with another miracle.

Driving the 60 miles home, I began to think maybe it wouldn't be so bad this time. The dr told me to keep riding, as long as it felt comfortable; I rode up until 2 weeks before he was born. He got a little extra medicinal help in the form of cattle medicine - my belly made me move in awkard ways when I was doctoring cattle and several times that caused me to get stuck by the needle. I wasn't near as sick, in fact for the most part this one was a whole lot better. Still had the morning sickness for 9 months but not as bad and we could all function.

DS was supposed to be a girl, the 3 previous sonograms said so. Even the day before he was born they told me - "yep, it's a little girl." I started making his nursery stuff, rocking horses and about half way thru decided to use more blues and greens - just in case.

I went to the dr for my weekly check - around his due date - and told them I wasn't feeling well. They smiled and said everything looked good. The doctor said he'd see me next week - I sat down and told him I didn't feel good. He said everything is fine, and then he looked at the test results - my white blood count was way off. He said you are going into the hospital right now. I said, no I have to go home and get my husband and some clothes. So they let me with the promise I'd be back ASAP. We had friends take the kids, they put me in the hosp on a Wednesday night. The next day, they tried pitocin - it didn't work - I never felt a labor pain. I started vomiting again and was brought jello and broth. It didn't stay either - so they set up the C-section for the next morning. I was so uncomfortable and nauseated. DH tried to comfort me and then brought the kids over - that was a good cure.

The next morning, I remember sobbing to my good friend, Kathy - the catheter was hurting, my body was hurting, etc. What a bawl baby!!!! I hadn't eaten in several days, was tired and cranky. (Just ask my DH.) She prayed with me and then I was whisked out. Count to 100 backwards said the anesthesiologist - I was gone. Sometime later I woke up - on the operating table - it felt like I had a branding iron on my side, it was hazy and everyone was rushing around frantic. I just remember thinking, what is wrong and asking Jesus to keep our baby safe and take that awful pain away. A nurse noticed me and yelled, the anesthesist came over and I was gone soon.
The dr told me later that when they cut the C-section they have 3 minutes to get the baby out, when they cut me a little hand popped out - but that's all they could get as his little head was stuck on my hip bone. He had a purple little hand and I had an awful side ache. But they finally got him out - 3 doctors, 4 nurses later.
When I woke, DH was with me. He looked worried but happy. He told me he had held our "little boy"! I smiled, Moriah Ross would have to wait for another baby girl! We named him Kaleb - because Joshua was his older brother - and in the Bible Kaleb was Joshua's helper. Our daughter had final choice on the names and that's her pick. He had swallowed a bunch of fluid and was in ICU. I couldn't see him, but his daddy told me all about him. He said he has that "red tint" to his hair just like Joshy. He was born on Friday the 13th!

It was 3 days before I got to hold my sweet baby Kaleb. I could go down and look at him, but they kept him in there until his lungs cleared. Me not being able to nurse caused mastitis and other problems for him and I. He became allergic to milk and had to be switched to formulas after about 3 months. We finally found one that worked. Then he just couldn't get well, and God brought a wonderful pediatrician into our lives who found he had a infection and a virus. After 18 months of fighting he got well and hasn't slowed down since.

He was a loner as a youngster, still is a little bit. He does not go with the crowd - he goes with what he knows is right. He stands for what is right, and he stands for those who can't stand for themselves. He's very fair, loyal, a learner, a dreamer, the younger brother who would give anything to have his brother back - even for a little while; he loves Jesus and His word; he won't be backed into a corner but he will fight if he is. He loves 'the cowboy way', loves the outdoors and all God has given us. He's not much for cities or crowds; but can deal with both. He is kind, polite, and helpful.

God is so wise, His ways are perfect! He knew that we would need Kaleb - desparately! Had we not had to 'go on' with our lives - for Kaleb - we could have easily stopped and stayed in our grief over losing Joshua. He's been a wondrous joy and highlight of our lives - he is one of the miracles our Lord and Savior has blessed us with. We are extremely proud of him, and love him so very much. Thank you Lord for this great young man.

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LeAnna said...

What a sweet birthday post for your young man. God's way is always better, and that's all there is to it. Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday to Kaleb!

teamroper said...

Oh, I needed to have this post today. What a sweet birthday tribute to an obviously fine young man! And the struggle you went through to get him here!

Thank you for sharing your story. I cried and laughed - well at the bawl baby part - but God's ways are always better, as LeAnna stated!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Ranch wife said...

Oh My gosh where has the time gone! I remember the day he was born, I remember you doctoring sick cattle with that big ole baby belly. I think I just blinked and here we are. Sara will be 18 in December.

Isn't God good? He knew that yall would need a Kaleb in your life.

You give that young man a hug from me and all of us in NM.

Love you all!


Countrygirl said...

Thanks LeAnna - he said thank you very much. teamroper - glad you came by and thanks for the kind words! Jennifer - he said thanks to you as well and happy late birthday! RW - yea it's hard to believe - I remember ya'll coming over to Perryton - I have a picture of Jen and Taylor in the room. I remember when Sara was born too, it seems like yesterday! Glad we were part of each others live then and now!

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