Sep 6, 2009

Things are getting back to 'normal'

Lest's see...........Monday DH found he had pneumonia but his H1N1 is gone! Hoorah - thank you Lord. His dr told him to go out in public and eat lunch, since he hadn't been out in almost 2 weeks. The pneumonia held on pretty hard but I think he's finally kicking it.

We went to Boise to his RA doctor and that appointment went well - he gets to lower one of the gout meds.
We met my folks there, had 2 nice meals out, watched the Boise State and Oregon Ducks game - it was ugly!, got DS's birthday present, found some new exercise shoes, Mom needed dress shoes for her 50th class reunion next weekend, and they went on to a cowboy gear show in Winnemucca. And..........we got the new saddle. It's beautiful - I will post pictures soon!

We stayed another night as DH was very tired - looked for some tomatoes and berries (which we found) and then headed home. On the way home we found some choke cherries and elderberries in the mountains - so we stopped and picked as many as we could before we ran out of light.

DS was home enjoying some time off - much needed time off. He got to lazy around for a few days and actually sleep in - at least to 8am. Ha.

DH has a few good hours, then several not so good hours, and so it goes. He is ready to be over all of it.

I am juicing elderberries tonight, have over 1/2 gallon of juice. They make good jelly and pancake syrup. The choke cherries I will juice tomorrow, as well as put up 100 pounds of tomatoes.

Not much news, lots of rambling - but I'm very thankful that my sweet husband is feeling a little better. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


LeAnna said...

Glad to hear your DH is rid of the H1N1, but poor guy! Pneumonia?! Bless his heart, hope he feels 100% better soon. Mmm, now you've got me hungry for some pancakes with berry syrup. :) Might just have to make some this morning and pretend we've got your fresh made syrup to go on them. Have a great Monday!

Paula said...

Mercy sakes! You guys have just been slapped with yuk! Hopefully that good mountain air and those fresh berries will make DH a whole lot better! So sorry he's been so ill.


Ranch wife said...

I am sooooo glad D. is on the mend. Thank the Lord that you and K. didn't get it.

I have to confess I am envying those berries! We did get some mountain apples and peaches on our trip and they are heavenly.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh No! Poor DH...praying for complete healing soon!!! Sounds like a fun short trip anyway. Is it getting cold up there? We are having so much rain here and cool temps...its unbelievable! Take care.

cottonpicker said...

After all that, you sometimes wonder forget what "normal" is. Glad all is well!!

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