Aug 26, 2009

Busy busy busy

Thngs are slowing down here at the house a little - my sweet DH got H1N1 flu from work - so he's been awful sick for a week now. We got to the dr as soon as the other guy let them know and sure enough, DH had it. At first they tested for Influenza A and when that was positive - a trip to the hospital for another giant q-tip swab of his nose - which 5 days later confirmed the swine flu. He's not had fever for 2 days so he's not supposed to be infectious. They put DS and I on meds right away - to keep us from getting it. So far, the Lord has kept it from us. This is pretty nasty stuff - so take extra care not to get it.

School started - on my goodness - 5 kindergarteners keep us hopping. We all take a deep breath when they leave at 11:15 or so. Life gets really interesting with that many little ones. Our oldest group is 5th grade.

DS likes his classes so far, not real sure about the English but he can switch out to another class is he wants. Can't believe he is a senior.

Leaves are turning here, we drove up the canyon - there was several areas that have already froze. Lots of elderberrys are almost ripe, hoping we can get a bunch picked as well as chokecherries. Nothing better than chokecherry syrup on pancakes and waffles. Yum!

Time for a hot shower and bed - haven't had much sleep since my honey got sick - hopefully he can sleep thru the night and so will I! Sweet dreams!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Will keep you and your family in prayer...this swine flu is nasty stuff...I work in a dr's office and we're already seeing it. YUK...I just proceed to cover myself and family with the blood of Jesus every morning and believe we're going to be safe...but my boys have not started school yet, could get interesting then.

Jennifer said...

Oh my...I thought it had abated some. Guess I should watch the news every once in awhile! Hope D gets to feeling better!

LeAnna said...

Hope your DH feels better soon! We're trying to stay preventative - started up the probiotics and whatnot. They say it's going to come back fierce when the weather really starts cooling down. However, praise the Lord it's treatable! You guys take care!

Ranch wife said...

So glad to hear that D is better and praying that you and DS don't get it.

There is a bunch of it up in the Northern end of the state..or they are treating it as such, the tests are supposed to be back tomorrow.

Sounds like your school year will be interesting!

Love ya

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