Nov 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Horses playing before the 1st big storm.
About 3-4 inches here, but look at what the next storm left.
Yeppers, he's digging us out from about 1 foot of snow with more on the way.
Hugging DS before he heads back to Wyoming. We got about 6 inches in the storm last night - and we're praying he makes it thru Utah and gets ahead of the storm. On his way home, he was somewhere between Evanston and Rock Springs when they closed the interstate, and turned all the traffic back. He went back, found a little store with a good map, and took back roads until he got past the roadblock to get back on the freeway! He said the roads weren't even that bad! It took him 17 hours to get home - a 9 -10 hour trip on good roads! Praise God, for He brought DS here safely. Another praise -DD and DSIL made it thru on the icy roads too. We had a housefull and are so thankful for our blessings - we had all my family here for the first time in several years! Hope ya'll had a good day.
Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!
Countrygirl (aka Eskimogirl)
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Sara said...

Wish yall could send some snow this way!

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