Dec 5, 2010

My dear son & tattoos

We couldn't wait to see DS at Thanksgiving. (Why he wore a straw hat - I dont know.) He drove thru a blizzard to get here and to get back to school.

The one thing we didn't know was that he'd gotten a tattoo. We knew he'd been planning to get one to honor Joshy, his brother, but we didn't know anything about this one. Hmmmmmmm............ it's pretty, patriotic, and I like it. He says it needs the color touched up - and he said, "Momma, I checked out the place - this lady was really clean!" Ha! I love my son!

PS When he left in the snow strorm - he wasn't wearing his straw anymore!
Be blessed!
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Paula said...

Oh My! It is nice a patriotic and I am so glad he "check out the place"!

He's a handsome son! Doesn't he know hats are like shoes!

Paula said...

Good grief - just re-read my post and I sound like a four year old! LOLOLOL

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

It is pretty! I think I'm too chicken to get a tattoo...even if it was "real clean" LOL

~A said...

It's great that you're so okay with him getting a tattoo!

I got one a while ago (and yes, I checked out the place, too), and my parents were also pretty cool about it. I think it helps when the tattoo really means something.

Countrygirl said...

Ya'll are too funny. Paula, thank you - we think he's pretty handsome too! Les - I'm with ya' on the chicken part. The guy who did the 'Josh tattoo' for all of his friends offered to do mine for free - I declined but DH got one.
~A thanks for stopping by. I agree, if you're gonna get a tattoo it should mean something! Come back again. Be blessed.

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