Jan 31, 2011

Cowboy Poetry Week

Checking out the Western Folklife Center.
Another picture of the WFC. January, 50 degrees? First year in many that we haven't had to deal with ice and snow during this time. Our kids loved that we could go play in the park, and they had a terrific time!

Practicing my introduction for my video. If it was a room full of k-8th graders - I wouldn't have a problem. A packed room full of adults makes me nervous! It all went pretty good. I made some new friends, and got to meet a lot of interesting folks.
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Pat - Arkansas said...

Yep! The weather has been crazy.. and the craziness is not over. Hope you escape the worst of this latest round of storms.

Do you write and perform cowboy poetry? If so - you go, girl! Love your scarf!

Ranch wife said...

Oh this would be so much fun! I wish we could come for this once in our lifetime.

Cold here only have a high of 18 today. Talk about a shock to our system!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

So you must be the "reader"? How cool! I love your scarf too, love the color! You look wonderful.

I wish we were still enjoying the 40's and 50's...blowing snow, -15 temps and downright ICK! But...thanking the Lord for the moisture. Have a wonderful week!

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