Jan 16, 2011

Praise and prayer please

Wednesday night, N went home to Jesus!  Wednesday night he left all the pain, surgeries, and struggles he's had for the last 6 years here and walked into the Everlasting Light! 

Wednesday night, the heart's of my good friends were broken as they watched him go!

N was 11 when they found a rare optical tumor in his brain.  The removal of it was successful - but it left some horrible side effects.  His sweet and loving family has been on the worst roller coaster ride of their lives for the last six years.  What always amazed me though - they found the good in the bad!  They didn't sugar coat their constant struggles - they went thru them - looking for the 'happy' in all the sad! 

He'd had growth hormones because he stopped growing, he continued to gain weight as he couldn't feel "full" anymore. Back surgery brought MRSA staff.  This sweet, beautiful, little boy went from a normal kid to feeling like "the only one with this problem"!  Drs found tumors again last summer, they removed them successfully; but then another one showed - N said, "No more surgeries!" Another procedure was available but N was too big for the table - he'd have to lose weight.

When N's mom let me know about him, she said, "I'm sure by now that he's found Josh and they are fast buddies again!"  I'm sure she's right!

Please pray for them as they continue their walk through the valley.........please don't take things and loved ones for granted, this life is but a fleeting moment! Enjoy the moment!



Pat - Arkansas said...

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with "N"s family and friends.

Stephanie said...

Oh my heart breaks for them! WIll be praying as I think of them. I am sure your friendship is an incredible blessing to this family now more than ever, as a godly woman who has already walked through this dark valley.

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Prayers and peace to your friends as they walk thru sadness. My heart breaks for them but rejoices for the sweet boy who is now where we all want to be.

Take care.

Countrygirl said...

Thank you all - prayers truly get us thru! There is joy in my tears when I talk with his family - because he's free!! He's free!

The hardest part for us was going on with life - without Josh. We felt like we were betraying him if we were happy (DS still struggles with it). Our God though, is so much bigger than our minds and He will bring them thru this just like he's brought each of us thru our struggles! Praise you Lord for my blogger friends - that I love - and will meet here or in Heaven! Thanks ladies!

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