Jan 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

Catchin' up....
Christmas was blessed and quiet.  DS and I spent Christmas Eve cooking for the family; then Christmas Day my brother and his sweet wife cooked for us!  We had such a relaxing, wonderful day to celebrate our Lord. 

DS blew in on a plane from Laramie and blew back on one in a snow storm - way too soon!  His plans were changed from driving home when the tranny went out in his truck.  We got to see him mature before our eyes - he sold his "beloved" 1974 Ford Hiboy to help pay for the new transmission.  It's tough to sit back and watch him agonize over decisions, but it's good too!  His truck was ready when he got home to the -30 weather (with the wind chill)!  He's a great kid and we love having him home. He got to cowboy a little, helped Ivomec some cows and did a little running with the buddies.

Somehow over the Christmas break, I injured my right rotator cuff.  Don't know how or when, but the last couple weeks weren't fun - for DH and for me.  He took off several days to help me get to appointments etc - he's a blessing and I love him so. He's been doing all the chores that require lifting as I couldn't move my shoulder.  Praise Jesus, the Healer, I am so much better.  One ER visit, one ortho, and numerous physical therapy sessions later - I can move my shoulder and arm!  I have to go back to PT this whole week and hopefully will be released. 

DD called from sunny AZ, she wanted me to know that during her break she was roping a dummy with a friend of her in-laws.  He asked if she could rope and she told him her folks had tried to teach her - but she'd never roped much horseback.  After helping her a little, he told her she was a natural header!  She told him, "My momma would be so proud!"  She's right - I am, I love heading!   I did try to get her to rope many times - it just wasn't her thing then.  Maybe now............

And so.......now that my left hand is exhausted from typing this message I shall say, "Good evenin' all" and God bless.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Bless your heart! I hope you'll continue to make significant improvement.

I know you are really proud of your son, as you should be.

Stay warm and dry! XO

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Wow...Praying for continued healing in that arm. That sounds sooooo NOT FUN.

Good for DD...How fun.

Take care!! Love the new look on the blog!

Ranch wife said...

Lifting you up to the One who can heal all our wounds.

Love ya and miss you.


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