Apr 17, 2011

Surprize!!! (we'll just try this again))

As an Agriculture Education teacher and FFA advisor, the year end banquet is a pretty big deal!  So her Daddy and Momma decided to fly out and surprize our DD at hers. I think it worked!!  Just look at her face!

Here's DD giving out awards.
This is Ruger, our 'grand dog'!
And Padrick - our other 'grand dog'!

Here's our sweet, beautiful DD and DSIL in their kitchen! 
It was a great, fast trip, but so worth it!  We haven't been there for 2 years - and with our schedules we take what we can get.  Meeting her fellow teachers, administration, parents and students was a treat at well.  Plus getting to eat at The Grand and see DSIL's folks - made a great journey!  We sure love our girl and we're proud of what all she's accomplished!  God is good!!

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Ranch wife said...

How good to see her smiling face! I am so glad yall got to do this. I know it meant the world to her.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Aaawwww...I love the surprised and sweet look on her face! How fun.

So happy you guys made the "fast" trip.

I actually just talked(texted) to Paula yesterday...she is good, crazy, busy with kids and rodeos and just life in general...we live 18 miles apart and I haven't seen her in months. Pitiful I tell ya. I will tell her hello for ya!!

Countrygirl said...

Thanks RW and Les! It was alot of fun. Also thanks Les for the update on Paula.

Janice said...

I remember what a big deal our FFA banquets were. That's great that you got to surprise your daughter at her banquet.

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