Aug 16, 2011

Jams, jellies, cherry pie

red raspberry juice from our raspberry patch. God blessed us this year, I'll get another couple pickings.
Lots of sugar needed for jelly!
Hot, clean jars waiting to be filled.
Water bath for the jelly.
Pulling them out of the steamer to cool, then turning them over.

I love the sound of the pop when they seal! This is pie cherry jelly.
Raspberry jam & jelly.
Can you see my leather table runner my daddy made me for Christmas? I love it. I had two pies, the other crust was prettier, but neither lasted very long! We've been putting up lots of jelly, some jam, and getting DS ready to go off to his real, after college job! He left today! Makes me happy and sad! God bless him in this job and let him be Your light while he's there!

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