Aug 17, 2011

Next step of his life.......

Well, I took these yesterday as he had to drive about 130 miles to his work place. He was saying, "Mooom!" But I told him it's kinda like his first day of school - even though he's out! My youngest, ready to go and conquer the world.
It's hot, he doesn't have AC in his old truck. He doesn't have a radio either - yet. And there he is - our long, tall drink a water! He's a good kid, gonna be a great man, and we love him dearly. My hope is that he continues to keep Jesus first in his life.

I have a prayer request please, Cody and Stacey Custer (Cody the famous bullrider) - their oldest son Aaron (18)was killed in an auto accident. Please keep them lifted up. They are strong Christians, but this is so tough! Cody was one of DS's bull riding instructors for several years - he helped baptize DS - so he's real special to our hearts. He also presented the buckle in honor of Joshy the first year after his death!
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Ranch wife said...

Golly he is one good looking young man. Be proud as you can be over that kid!

Sad sad, will keep them in prayer.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That boy/man is one tall drink of water! He looks really tall in those excited for him and his new beginning. Prayers of Blessing to him and his new start.

Prayers to his sweet momma too!!

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