Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Year

May 2012 be a blessed year for each of you, may you get closer to Jesus than ever before, and may you be His light that shines into this dark world!

Our house - awaiting the snow! We always have some snow - very unusual. No complaints though, went to Idaho to pick up DD and DSIL - good roads both ways!

Picture time:

Mom & Dad
My sister and her honey!
My brother & his (tall) handsome bunch!
Our outfit - DSIL, DD, me, DH, DS

The fence crew - DD, DH, DS, DSIL, Billy the German Shepherd, and Eli J - the T-bred colt who now has a burned tongue from licking the welds - (Goofball)! They got half the horse pasture fence done - yeah! I'm gonna throw a huge party when this fence is done - it's taking a long time, but it's so nice!

DS - with Billy, fixin' to start putting a 4" lift on his Bronco. This was the 29th, and they're still working on it today!

Lastly - here's the table favors the school kids made for their Christmas program this year. It's brown jersey gloves, fingers stuffed tightly - palm stuffed a little. You then make each finger into a reindeer! Aren't they cute? The kids decided that they could be seals too, just don't put the antlers on. I think you could make sheep, bears, etc. I made some for the ladies in my family - and then we put a jar of home made jelly under them to hold them up!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!!
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Beautiful pics...that backdrop is so gorgeous. I can't imagine waking up to that every day! No snow here either, been 60's.

Have a beautiful and blessed 2012 sweet friend!!

Ranch wife said...

Can you believe that we had 13 inches of snow! It was lovely.

loved seeing all the pictures. I love your Dad's "stash".


Pat - Arkansas said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! I love your house and that gorgeously decorated porch. Looks great even if there was no snow.

Paula said...

Love, love, love the house picture! And the family pictures, and the school children pictures, and . . . well I guess I loved it all! So glad to be back!


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