Jan 23, 2012

Working in a winter wonderland...

Well old man winter had arrived in the high desert! And how!! This is looking off the back deck to the north,

to the east,

to the west. See that little Yorkie tail headed down the steps?

Here's the front deck - oh boy! We have had an absolutely beautiful fall and mild, warm start of winter...but the good Lord knows we need the moisture. Thank you God for all this.

Here's the front driveway as I was headed to work. I was late, as we had to shovel snow to get my little car out. Twenty-five mph most of the way.
At work (40 miles away), they had 3-4 inches. About noon, we started getting calls. The high schools, middle schools and town elementarys were letting out. Then I got blessed with an early out - over a foot of snow at our place, blowing, and drifting. Woohoo! So add another 6 - 8 inches to this and you can picture what we have now. I'm off to shovel the decks and make a path to the critters.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Look @ that snow! WOW
It's around 60 here...and dry. Been a very strange January.

Got your message on my blog. Please email me
ld underscore mow at yahoo dot com

Rachel said...

Yay for snow! Love the pics.

Rachel said...

Would love to have your recipe for 'no bake cookies'! Thanks for the sweet comment, gal! :)

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