Apr 16, 2012

30 years ago today....

I was marrying my best friend.  I love him so much more today, in so many ways.  God has truly blessed us and we are very thankful.  It hasn't always been easy  - but it's always been worth it!

Here's Dad giving his youngest daughter away.

My folks with us.

 Bridal party.  The ring bearer and flower girl aren't in the picture.  I lived in Oklahoma, got married in Idaho - we sat up the photographer over the phone.  He was doing 2 other weddings the same night, and I hope they got better pictures than we did.  The one I really regret was my grandpa dancing with me.  It was his last dance!

Dancing, he kept stepping on my train and veil.  I loved my veil, a friend made it for me.

What did we do to celebrate our 30th?  We went for a nice dinner, but the restaurant has changed their schedule and were closed.  So...we got a burger, trained the colt, and headed up the mountain to watch the mountain goats.  Perfect evening! 

 See that little white blob in the middle of the picture - that's one, and then over to the right is another one.
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You guys look the same~you sure look a lot like your momma!!

Love all the pics. Have a wonderful week C!

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary!!

What a blessing to be married for so long!!!

Love the pictures!!! :)

Keepin' Up With The Jones said...

Congrats, Congrats! What a wonderful accomplishment!

Countrygirl said...

Thank you all so much!
L - thank you - she is a great, beautiful lady. Bless my dad's heart - he went in the hospital after they put us on the plane back to OK, with kidney stones! He suffered thru our day - sweet dad!

Countrygirl said...
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