Apr 21, 2012

Mountain Goats

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Rachel said...

Very cool!
We have ah-dad (spelling) in these parts, they don't have a hunting season. We see LOTS of them, and they reproduce like crazzzy! Have now started to do hunting leases on them, just like we do with mule deer, and people pay big bucks to shoot the ugly buggers. But, you gotta be a VERY good shot, and you gotta shoot more than once, it takes A LOT of lead to bring those big boys down.

Oh, you may wanna hop on by the blog.... there might be a little somethin' for ya! :)

Ranch wife said...

I would love to see them. How pretty. And I loved your anniversary post. Awesome pictures! I left a comment but it never showed up. Hopefully this one will. Happy belated anniversary!!!!

Love ya


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