Apr 25, 2012

Who He'd Be Today

 28 years ago tonight, at 11:59 P.M., he was born.
The Red River had flooded and washed the bridge out to Witchita Falls, so he was born in Oklahoma.  He was past 3 weeks overdue.  They didn't believe in taking babies then - but when I started having convulsions - it was an emergency C section.  And wa laa...a perfect, beautiful, baby boy!
We had to stay in the hospital almost a week.  Tornadoes were bouncing around when he was 2 days old - they took him from me, taking all the babies to the basement for safety.  My arms ached to hold my sweet little boy.  I knew he was safer in the basement, but I wanted him with me.  It broke this new mommies heart! 

 Little did I know then, that my arms would ache again to hold this sweet young man!  Hear him say, "I love you momma!"  See his handsome, grown face, to hear his contagious laugh again - that would be something! 
I will get to hold him again, and hear him laugh, see that sweet smile - because he gave his life to Jesus, so did all the rest of our family!  We will have a reunion in Heaven one glorious day! 

Just like when he was a newborn, I know he is safe and in a much better place with Jesus, but my arms still ache to hold him!  And so, on these hard days I thank God Almighty for the time we had him with us.
  And on the good days - I do the same!
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Cindi...I literally break down and cry when I read about Josh. I hope I never have to experience anything like this. I think you are even more awesome when I read about how you give thanks in ALL circumstances!! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your beautiful boy and sharing your heart. Thinking of you...

Ranch wife said...

I will never forget the first time I saw that beautiful red hair and that cute grin. He was the cutest little boy I had ever seen. And what a gentle and and sweet spirit he had. He was so tender with the other kids at church. I have a picure of him holding Nathan when he was a baby at one of our camping trips in Colorado. I cherish it.
Bless all of you today.


Countrygirl said...

Thank you Les. If I didn't have Jesus, I think I would have went into a depression and stayed there. But how can I feel that way when my loving God, sent His only Son, He sent Jesus...knowing what would happen. Don't think I could have let Joshy go if I knew what would happen.
M - could you email me that picture? We've come a long way haven't we? Just think we will get to spend eternity together! Woohoo! The cattle there will not be bogged down, the grass will be tall and green, and we will all be together! Love you both

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