Sep 2, 2012

Cow Camp Recipe Swap

Great recipe Ms. Rain! Mexican Beef Casserole. She sent me two - I haven't tried the Cranberry Cake yet, but plan to for the holidays.  An added note, my SIL had breast cancer - she's done with chemo and started radiation.  Food, especially hamburger, does not sound or taste good to her - but she said this tasted so good - she had seconds!
As you can see - I didn't get a before picture of it. We had about 14 people here, and this was taken right after I took it out of the oven.  It was a hit - very good!  Thank you!

Praise God we got another much needed rain.  Left puddles in the pasture and drive.  DH and I were headed out to get  horse hay Friday in Idaho, spent the night with my parents. Our truck lost it's clutch right before we got to the hay place.  We loaded the hay on the flatbed, tarped it all up and left it there.  As soon as we had the tarp strapped down, a cloud burst open and poured rain.  My folks, my sister and hubby, and our DS & his girlfriend were with us.  We decided to go eat a late lunch at a country cafe and we got hailed on - sounded like it was gonna break the windows!  Thankfully it didn't, reminded DH and I of the TX panhandle storms.  There was even a tornado warning going on. 
DH drove the truck home and we only had to coast thru one stop sign.  With no clutch, if we stopped - he had to kill it and then start it in 1st or 2nd - a little rough going!  Today they are pulling the pressure plate, and slave cylinder - and putting a 5th wheel hitch into DH's new truck.  He has been trying to get it done, but doesn't have much down time - he priced it in town - $800 - so he and dad are doing it today!  I am very blessed to be married to a man who can do anything - I'm sure he gets tired of always having something to fix - but he's not afraid to work. If there's something that needs fixin' - we usually do it ourselves. I am also thankful that our children have that value as well - I see quite a few folks who just plain don't want to work. 

May God bless you with your needs and a want or two!  Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya',


Rachel said...

Awesome! Sounds very good!
Glad the sister enjoyed it!

Yay for rain!! Praise God!

Yes, my hubby seems like yours, he does all the mechanic work, not that he actually enjoys it, but he doesn't mind the work. ;)
So many people these day wouldn't even have a clue! Plus, our boys are interesting in everything Daddy does!

LeAnna said...

So glad you've gotten some much needed rain. Also glad you're just now posting your recipe swap! I haven't gotten around to mine yet, and feel like a real slacker. Maybe I'll make it this week, now that food is starting to taste good again.

It is a TREMENDOUS blessing to be married to a fix-it man. Although, I have to share mine with his family still. None of them have a clue about anything, so they're always ringing his phone off the hook with questions and needs. Guess I shouldn't complain, really. It truly is a blessing! Just wish more people had some ingenuity and work ethic about them.

Ranch wife said...

That dish sounds delish! It is a blessing to be able to do for yourself. I have one of those Mister Fix it's and I am blessed!


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