Sep 13, 2012

Pneumonia? Jalapeños and Ulcers?

Busy! We were running more head thru the little starter yard than it had ever seen. Loads of 350 lb. calves shipping in from the deep south. Waspy, little exotic buggers too, lots of ear. We'd ride into them and that'd scatter like quail. Long days, longer nights! And then I came down with pneumonia! After weeks of feeling bad, DH said to me, "its not pneumonia any more - you're pregnant!". No way, I thought - no time to be pregnant! Sure 'nough - I was expecting our 3rd kiddo! Morning sickness turned into all day and night sickness, but not too bad like before - at least I could function. I kept working. I craved jalapeños - Dairy Queen nachos were a staple for me! Twice I ended up in the hospital with ulcers from 'too' spicy food, but had to keep eating it! The months kept on, my little one was growing, but I didn't show too much - I kept cowboying. And eating jalapeños! My horses had to adjust to my enlarging belly, I had to teach them to siddle up to the fence where I could climb the fence and slide on. My cattle hospital had to be arranged differently to accommodate it as well. When I had to iv a calf, I had to be creative in how I positioned myself, learned that one the hard way. The calf threw his head, hit my belly knocking the syringe out of my hands and into the air. It landed in my leg, and left a huge bruise for months. One hot, fall morning, we had a momma cow in trouble out on pasture. She was old, and looking pretty poor. DH was worried we'd lose both her and the calf. Then he said, "Oh and while you're getting her, there's a bull who needs pushed into the next pasture." Everything took me longer those days, got the trailer hooked up, horses loaded (it was a big pasture and I might need to switch horses cause that bull was a runner), and away we went. After several hours, the bull was where he's supposed to be, it was hot outside and I was getting that way myself. I found the momma cow and pushed her as far as she'd go, but she sulled up on me, I didn't want to drive her too hard or she'd get down, or worse get on the fight and stress herself more. So I crawl off Sorrely (original name, I know) pick up the calf and hoist him across the saddle, then comes the hard part - no fence to crawl up. Finally after huffing, puffing and stewing over why in the sam hill he'd send me out to the middle of nowhere, 9 months pregnant ( blah, blah, blah) I got mad enough and got myself back on- we were miles from the trailer and the way my feet were swelling I DID NOT want to walk. Ha! The calf and I did not fit in my saddle, tried riding on back but it was too uncomfortable, tried putting the calf back there but I couldn't hold onto him, the reins and watch for rattlers, so I had that 125 pound baby straddled up on my pregnant belly, he was a tired little guy and didn't struggle. I'm sure it was a sight but thankfully no one was around. Thank the good Lord for my sweet horse, he was my protector that day. We got to the trailer, loaded everybody up and made it home. When DH saw me he was feeling bad that he'd sent me. You can imagine what I looked and smelled like after packing that calf for miles. I was, let's say, aromatic and colored scour green! The next day I could barely move - and the doc told me no more riding for now! Several days later my little jalapeño arrived and has spiced up our lives ever since. He has been an incredible blessing to our lives! He can't sit still, never could, I take the blame for that because his entire unborn life he was on a horse. He loves LOUD music, I take the blame for that too - because if I wasn't horseback I was doctoring cattle or processing - with the noisy hydraulic chute running! DS loves to ride horses, likes them a little wild! Hmmmm! Loves to climb mountains, and loves SPICY food - I also have to take the blame for that! Tonight is his first birthday I have spent away from him, I'm sure it won't be the last. He is 21, my little red headed boy is now 21! I am sitting at the hospital 5 hours away with my dad, he had surgery today and had a rough time in recovery. Our son is grown, and now my parents are the ones needing extra care. My life is now taking a different turn, as I learn to let the boy become the man - I am now learning to parent my parents! Thank you dear Jesus for my red headed boy, please continue to watch over him, helping him to grow into the man You want him to be! Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya' Country girl


Rachel said...

Ah, this was good to read. Glad you managed your horseback task! Good stuff!

Happy Birthday to the son! Prayers for your folks! :)

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh My gosh...You are awesome!
That was quite the story!!

Happy Birthday to that sweet and handsome boy of yours...and prayers for you and your daddy!
Hugs ;)

Jennifer said...

You are one tough lady, that is all I have to say!
Happy Birthday to K! :)

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