Mar 7, 2013

iMac questions?

HI. We got our new iMac and need help customizing this blog with my own pictures... Any suggestions? More snow in the forecast, we've had some nice days in-between. I can see 1/8 of my yard, and green grass is ready to come out! DH and DS just pulled in and I can see the flakes - big, huge flakes falling in their headlights. Week 2 back at work. My back is SO much better. Going upstairs and twisting the wrong way are still no-no's but otherwise I'm good. Thank you Lord. DS goes in next Tuesday to see if he's released for work. He is seriously going stir crazy, has a big ol' boot on(I guess if I was 6'4" and wore a 12 shoe - I'd have a big boot too!). DD was in Washington, DC fighting for agriculture with our politicians - she said it was a productive trip. Hope so - after all, if you watched the SuperBowl you now know that "...and on the 8th day God created the farmer...". I was in that Nat'l FFA convention audience when Mr. Paul Harvey gave that speech - loved it that, love it now! We are headed to Las Vegas this weekend to pick up some antiques a lady has been holding for me. Two Paul Bunyon rocking chairs, a sideboard buffet, and a secretary's desk! Excited - I hope they are what was advertised. We may hit some garage sales, too. I hope all is well with your neck of the woods, and that God gives you what you need to get thru the day! Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'! Countrygirl

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Ranch wife said...

Can't help you with the puter stuff. But so glad to hear your back is better. And C's foot is healing and that yall are getting snow!

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