Aug 23, 2013

God's perfect timing...

Almost goodness!  I have been tutoring all summer.  High schoolers having trouble passing state tests.  Also my little school doesn't have enough kiddoes for 2 teachers, so I won't be returning - 7 students just isnt enough.  Just as I was looking forward to home time - a construction company called.  Did I want to work part time?  After prayerfully considering it, I am their new part-time 'girl Friday?', doing a little of everything.

My folks live near Sun Valley, Idaho.  They've been wanting to move out of the mountains for several years now, even before the housing market dropped.  They'd list their place with a realtor - nothing.  About a month ago, Dad was making duck collars for a realtor, it was a rush order for a gift.  Dad got them done, called the gentleman - who was tickled they were finished.  He said, if there's ever anything I can do for you, Jim, let me know.  Dad asked if houses were moving in their area.  The man said, yes it's pretty hot there.  He sat Dad up with a partner - this was on Tuesday and their home sold on Sunday! God's perfect timing!

DH and I met them that Saturday to look at places.  Sunday they made an offer on one, right close to Mom's sister and 20 minutes from my sister.  It has a shop Dad can use for his saddle making. The next weekend DH and I tore down Dad's saddle shop, loading everything into his enclosed trailer - waiting for the new place.

The following week I spent going through 54 years of their life, getting stuff ready for their first ever garage sale and hopefully last ever move!  So much stuff!  Dad found my old horse show trophies - I thought they'd all been donated back to 4-H to reuse, it was kinda fun to see them.  Mom couldn't do much, she fell trying to sort stuff in the garage - so I'd take it in and ask her.  We filled 3 dumpsters, had a great garage sale, and took 2 loads to the thrift store.  DH came back up and helped with it.

This last weekend we loaded them up and moved them to their new place.  We had it all unloaded and half of it unpacked and put up before time to go home Wednesday.  I felt bad, Dad didn't get his shop set up - that was my goal. When we were moving he said sadly, I haven't had leather in my hand for 23 days.

Mom is dizzy all the time and has been falling a lot.  She was diagnosed with 'dying inner ear', then possible dementia - frontal lobe.  We had a hard time with this because her symptons don't add up.  Because of her falling, Home Health came in - 3 separate ladies, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and a nurse.  After each one met separately with Mom 3 times - they met with each other and then my parents.  They told Dad & Mom that they think her eyes are bad, working against each other.  That she is over medicated, misdiagnosed, and having TIA's (mini strokes).  Mom has said the whole time her eyes are messed up, for instance - she will get her tea and open a creamer pouring it to the left of her glass - missing it completely.  The nurse worked for a specialist who could help Mom, but because she is able to help herself Medicare denies it.  She will see a neuro-opthlamolgist next week, and then she needs Extensive rehab.  If they had sold their home sooner, would they have had 3 people who knew exactly what she has?  Again Gods perfect timing!

Our summer has been one of going up and down the road, but we're so grateful that God has answered some questions and prayers in His way and His time.  It's been a great witness to Mom and Dad.  Dad asked us to be the first ones in their new home to ask God's blessings on it.  We are praying for help for Mom and guidance.  It's difficult to see the brilliant, beautiful lady struggle, but we know that Jesus is in control no matter what is happening.

And so, another reason our lives are going so fast!'s more great news!  We have a grandbaby on the way!!!  So excited!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!


Ranch wife said...

So glad they have finally been able to do something for your mom.

Bet yall can't wait till they little one is fun!


Rachel said...

Wow. God is perfect.

Yay for a new baby coming!! Bet y'all are excited for that grandbaby!

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