Apr 16, 2008

26 Years later

Here we are - fresh faced little youngun's! We both worked for Mutual Land & Cattle in Oklahoma. The company flew me home to Idaho a week before the wedding - my first time flying. Here I am carrying my wedding dress, my bridemaid's frosted lanterns - which broke in flight. David took me to the airport - 2 hours away, we were having severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Now mind you, I have never flown in my life, nor has David who would fly in 4 days. Well, needless to say my flight was late - (oh I forgot to tell you that our company flew us 1st class). When I got into Denver, I had missed my connection and was scared to death - country girl in the big city. So.....I batted my big blue eyes and one of the guys at the counter got me on another flight to SLC, which was late and I missed that connection. Again, here I am trying to get to Twin Falls, ID when there is only 1 flight left - and it's oversold. I bat the eyes again, show the new guys my wedding dress - they thought I was getting married that night, I did not tell them otherwise; they bumped a business man who wasn't very happy and walaaaa I was on the last flight. A puddle jumper! I was wishing I was old enough to buy a drink before we got to Idaho in that snow storm.

When I got home, I got to take the momma cows and calves up the mountain with my dad. My blessed mom had everything under control for the wedding. We wrote some checks and tried to get all that we could done before hand. My mom and Gramma's made my table arrangements, my mom's friend made the wedding cake as a present. Many friends came for the showers I had, it was nice; but I was so ready to be married and see David again.

Then David's turn to fly, he also flew out of OKC during tornado's but his flights were uneventful. We went from the airport to Shoshone Falls - it's a beautiful water falls. I was so happy to see him again. It had been 4 days! The wedding day dawned
snowing and cold, but turned out beautiful. We were married in a little white, country church and I never thought all the invited people would show up - but they did! It was packed! So many old friends from high school rodeo, FFA, college etc had made the trip. It was wonderful! The preacher was so nervous, I was afraid he was gonna have a heart attack before we were done. The preacher didn't allow cameras after the wedding started, he told us this was between us and God. I was not saved at that time, but our marriage was/is blessed by God.

The reception was at the Elks Lodge, one of my favorite parts was dancing with my Granddad. It was the last time he danced. My dad and David's brother Basil carried our wedding cake to the ranch - I think they may have had one too many at the Lodge, tripped and fell on the steps. All the ranch dogs enjoyed my wedding cake, too! We had to fly out at 6am the next day so Mom & Dad got us a room in town.

Now here we are 26 years later (this is not a great picture of either of us, but it's the latest from January.)

I love this man with all my heart, he is my "soul mate". We have a good life - a Christian family - together,wonderful kids, family, and great friends. Has it been all wonderful? NO! Were there times I thought of the D word? Absolutely, but at those times I told the devil he WAS NOT gettting my family, and I held on tightly to His word. We are striving for that marriage that is shown in the Bible - to love as Christ loves the church, and for me to submit (those of you who know me well understand my "resistance to that one). We don't always get it right, but we just recoil and throw again.

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Ranch wife said...

Oh My, love the post and the pictures. What a trip you had getting back to Idaho.
I look at pictures of Buck and I and we just look so darn young. And I guess we were.
Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone. It just seems like yesterday we were just starting out. But when I drag my bones out of bed in the morning I realize that there has been a lot of water under the bridge.
I cannot imagine you having a problem with 'submit'. :) :) :)

Ranch wife said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Countrygirl said...

Thanks! I agree, doesn't seem like 26 years. David told my dad he'd had me longer than they did - my dad told him that's why I'm so "darn" spoiled!
I agree about the dragging bones out, you know I really never had a problem until the car wreck - now my neck and back give me fits! Dang teenagers! Ha!

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

Happy Anniversary!

Paula Yaussi said...

Oh! I love this! What a wonderful adventure that was for you! To see that you, two, have endured through the tough times but yet have held on to Jesus with all your might! That is encouraging to me and a huge testiment to the Lord we serve! He is Faithful, Powerful, and Full of Love for us!

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