Mar 30, 2009

Saturday moring in the Rubies

Bighorn sheep. If you click on this picture of this guy, you can see an "x" brand on his left hip. (Possibly he's been transplanted0 here.)

This group was hanging out on the rocks, enjoying the sunshine before the big storm on Sunday.

Mountain goats stay higher, I can't get really good pictures of them in the spring. There's two here. One laying to the left, and the one walking into the trees. We saw about 10 of these - mostly males, should be able to start seeing babies soon.
Young sheep, both male and female have horns. Males are wider at the base and longer usually. They were walking up and down the rock wash - perfectly hidden until they moved. A couple had their telephoto camera set up about 15 feet aways from this band. They walked slowly by, grazing, I bet those folks got great pictures. We had hoped to go back up Sunday but the big storm hit - we woke to 4-6 inches of snow. All day we had flurries, sunshine, blowing, flurries etc. We need the moisture so no complaints.
My folks surprised us for a weekend visit. They saw my niece's softball game, she had a great game! We went up the mountain, played cards and dominoes, tried some new cuisine, and enjoyed Saturday's nice weather. They made it home fine in the snow storm - they live in snow country and didn't get any!
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LeAnna said...

Great pictures! So what does the brand mean? Do they relocate the animals to different spots or something?

Ranch wife said...

I would love to see one in person. They are so cool.


Countrygirl said...

L - I am not sure. After searching the fish & game, wildlife etc sites - I didnt' find anything. My brother thinks they may have brought him in from another state or Canada.
M - ya'll are just gonna have to come for a visit! We can go hiking and get really close to the sheep, maybe to the goats.

RanchGirl said...

John would want to shoot one.... ;)

Broken Y said...

Beautiful country! I seen an Armodilla every once in a while. That's about as exotic as it gets!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Love the sheep photos, CG! What beautiful country. Thanks for the visit; I read back a few here; glad to know that DH has a doctor that may be able to help him. Hurting all the time is no fun at all! Sorry you didn't have time to enjoy your luxurious suite; sounds wonderful, expecially the giant Jacuzzi!!

Countrygirl said...

RanchGirl - John could put in for the draw - then ya'll would get to visit!
Broken Y - I used to love seeing the armadillo's. My students want to see one roll into a ball!
Pat - thanks! Glad you are back! Yes I agree about the jacuzzi - one day, we plan to put one in our 'master badroom' suite downstairs - that now holds all the stuff we have no where to put! Ha!

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